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Lead Me Astray To Dreamers' Hideaway

One Last Perfect Verse Is Still The Same Old Song

My name is Taylor AKA Funsize. I'm short, blonde, and blue eyed. I'm very sarcastic and generally mean on principle. Love me, hate me, I'm never gonna go away. I'm very random too. And bisexual. Yay me. Best of both worlds.
69eyes, aerosmith, annoying people, axl/izzy, bam/ville, bands, bandslash, beaches, beta readers, billiejoe/tre, billy/stu, bisexual people, black sabbath, blood, brad/chester, buck cherry, cheap trick, cheese, chester/mike, chris/wesker, cky, cooking, cradle of filth, daydreaming, death, deathklok, deep purple, dethklok, digital art, dom/vince, drake and josh, drake/josh, drawing, dream theatre, evanescence, evil, eyeliner, fallen, fanfiction, farsala trilogy, fire, fort minor, gaming, glomb, green day, guns n roses slash, guns n' roses, hate, hinder, iron maiden, izzy/axl, jackass, james/lars, jess and bam margera, jess/bam, jett/joxer, johnny knoxville, johnny/bam, joshua, judas priest, jussi/jyrki, korn, lacuna coil, leon/krauser, lifehouse, linkin park, living dead girl, manga, meatloaf, metallica, minds, motley crue, motorhead, movies, musicology, nickelback, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, once, origin, otep, ozzy, pain, painting, papa roach, people watching, peroxwhy?gen, pibb, piercing, pixie stix, playing pranks, poison, poison slash, psychology, resident evil, resident evil books, rob zombie, rob/chester, running, saliva, savage garden, scream, seether, simple plan, sister sin, sixx:am, skateboarding, slash, slash fanfiction, slipknot, spencer/freddie, spikes, steve-o, sweet, tattoos, the fast the furious, the open door, the rolling stones, theatre, theory of a deadman, thin lizzy, three days grace, three doors down, tim burton, trapt, tre/mike, twilight slash, vampires, velevet revolver, viva la bam, waycest, weeman, within temptation, writing