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You're Perfectly Flawed

So. tired.

School was lame as usual. We had a review in Chemistry. We have the test tomorrow. I know most of the things on there, as it turns out, which is kinda surprising considering all I ever do is talk with Sarah and Brooks. XD

Tech. Theatre is cool. We just got done painting our UIL set pieces and spiking the set for our performance of Wit. We watched the making of Sweeny Todd today and are going to start the movie tomorrow. Something to look forward to since I haven't seen it yet. Hot Guy AKA Jacob is just so amazing. He was playing his guitar today. :D So pretty. But I'm 80% sure he's gay, but a girl can look yeah? XD Preston can play the piano so well. He kept playing it while we were painting in the auditorium. He even played Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance for Irma and I.

Spanish is boring because I don't really have any friends there and the teacher annoys me. Grr.

World History is alright. We had a sub today. I had an essay due for English in seventh period and I wrote it then and got done with the packet with 6 minutes to spare. Go me! We have a new girl there. Her name is Ester. She sits right in front of me. She's okay. Doesn't talk much.

Tennis is always cool. We worked on serving today and played King Of The Courts doubles. I played with Diana and managed to win a few times. Very cool. :D

Lunch was okay. This chick/guy named Jonathon/Candy started talking to Yoslin about her hair and asked if she cut it. Christian said yeah, she did and J/C said "Shut up. Mind your own business." Talk about rude. I would have said something to her/him but I wasn't there when it happned.

Geometry is boring. But Mariah, Diana (different one) and Jarik are cool. They're in my group. We took notes mostly today. I was falling alseep. It's all about angles and stuff, so it's easy.

English, we worked on our essays, which I had stressed about all day because I thought they were due at the start of the period. No. They were due at the end of the period and we were working on them during class. *sigh* I helped Brooks and Brittany. LaBua left early and Hamilton subbed the rest of class. She was my freshman English teacher. I didn't like her much. XD

That's about it. I promise more frequent updates. Not that anyone reads this, but whatever. :D



Lazy Person That I Am

So, I didn't update all summer because all I did was laze about and not accomplish anything. XD

Spending the night with my nieces and sister tonight. That's where I'm updating from. :D

School started on the 25th of this month. Not too excited about that, but my classes are okay for the most part.

My schedule is:

First period: Pre-AP Chemistry
I have Brooks in this class and I can already tell we're going to be trouble here. But I also have Sarah in that class and she annoys me so much. Not that great of a friend to her. My teacher is crazy too. In a good way, of course.

Second period: Tech. Theatre
I have this really hot guy in this class. His name is Jacob and I can't stop staring at him! So hot!!! :D Brittany walked up to him a few days ago and told him we thought he was hot and he goes "Yeah, I know. You two are hot too." YAY! Mr. Wensel I had last year for Theatre I so I know I like him. He's awesome!

Third Period: Spanish II
I don't really like this class because my teacher is one of those that like group work and partner work and I hate it because I don't really know anyone in that class and the people I do know, I don't like, so it sucks. She's also really happy about everything too. It's scary.

Fourth Period: Pre-AP World History
I have Melanie in this class, but the teacher put us in a seating chart and we don't sit together anymore. But she did say it was only for a few weeks so she could learn our names faster. So yay! Class is fun though I do have to do the summer project over this weekend. Lol.

Fifth Period: Tennis
Haven't been doing much in this class because we're still trying to get all the paper work in. I made JV this year! Go me.

Sixth Period: Geometry
I have two teachers for this class because they share a room and it's out in the portables. Coach McCartney and Coach Miley. I hate math, but they're cool. Only know a few people in that class and I don't really like them except for Maritza.

Seventh Period: Pre-AP English
Teacher is very quirky. I like him enough nd he likes my hair which is streaked with neon pink. Easy class and I have Brooks and Brittney in that class. Need to write the essay for "All The Pretty Horses". Boring book. XD

Alrighty, I'm going to go watch TV and play with the kitties! 





I'm over at my sister's house. I spent the night here. Had fun. She made tacos for for dinner and then later on we ate bagle bites and egg rolls while playing SSX Tricky. 

Chlesea's boyfriend Marcelo is over here now and we're all watching Scary Movie Four.

Her kittens, Dimitri and Isis are playing by the door.

I'm going to go home in a hour.

I'll post more later.


>_> I Fail At This

It's been how long since I've updated? I don't even know. Lol.

Anyway I'm going to take you back to May 23rd. The day of the Tennis Banquet. Before we start the trip down memory lane, however, there are a few key facts about me you should know.

1. I absolutely hate clothes shopping.
2. I consider the General Public to be morons and have been proven correct several times.
3. People in large crowds piss me off unless I know them.
4. I still really like Brooks.

So, like the weekend before the 23rd, my mom and I had gone to a bunch of different places to find me an outfit. We went to JC Penney's first where I found this totally awesome suit that I really liked and looked good in. It was $200. I don't think so. So, the day of the Banquet I had to rush aroun to Sears and WalMart to piece together my outfit. I was pretty pleased with my outcome. Black slacks, white t-shirt with skulls and chainlink, and a black suit jacket. Was wicked. And, of course, my Pink Floyd converse.

Gloria was my "date". The first dance we danced was this slow country song dance, and she's already taller than me by four inches, but with her heels on it added an extra two inches, so my hands were on her hips, and hers were on my shoulders. She was all "You are so the dude in the relationship." I was like "It's akward if my hands are on your shoulers too 'cause you're so much taller than me now."

I also danced with Shelby, Diana, and Brooks. At the end, it was another slow song and I danced with Brooks and he dipped me twice! :D

I had a really good time. Oh, and as I was leaving, I gave Brooks a goodbye hug and he picked me up and twirled me around. XD

It was fun.

Okay, back to the present. I went over to Megan's to swim in her pool. It's a saltwater one. We gossiped and talked and splashed. Suede, her dog, licked my feet as I was getting out. Crazy thing. Lol.

She also fed me coco puffs. :) She feeds me everytime I go over there. Lol.

A few days ago, Vincent called me adorable out of nowhere. I was like, "WTF?"

I got a little bit of a sunburn. Nothing too bad, just a little pink on my shoulders and upper arms.

We had a carnivale at school last Friday and I went with Angel. Was fun. Hung out with Vincent. He smelled really good. <_< I still owe him a dance too. Lol.

We have finals for the next four days. Yay. Friday is early dismissal and the last day of school. Yay for SUMMER!


Thanks you Alice Cooper! ;)

Wow, What A Tiring Couple Of Days

They have been. In Biology, we've been doing dissections. Earthworm, grasshopper, crawfish, perch, starfish, frog, squid. The smell is the only thing that really bugs me. Lol.

In English, we're reading Romeo And Juliet. That is one dirty play. XD Right on the first page, two Capulet servents are talkng about having sex with the Montagues' maids after they kill the men. Lol. And the puns! They make me happy.

In Theatre, we've watched 'Dreamgirls' and 'Oscar'. Both are god movies. I liked 'Dreamgirls' better than I thought I would. Had good music too.

In World Geography, we're doing this project on 'Ferris Buller's Day Off' where we have to decide where we would go and what we would do if we skipped a day of school. Is not as fun as you'd think.

I hate Spanish class. XD

Algebra is okay. It's math. I don't really like it, but whatever.

Thursday and Friday, I played in the Student-Faculty tennis tournament. It was fun, though kinda weird seeing my English teacher in shorts. Lol. X3

Yesterday, I played in a tennis tournament. I played mixed doubles with Mario against Favian and some chick from South Houston, I think. Every time I served when I was playing with Mario, I messed up and I blamed him, jokingly. Then I played singles against a girl from South Houston and nearly everyone of my serves was good. It was Mario's fault. XD


Saturday, I saw 'Angels & Demons' and 'Star Trek' with Angel and her dad. I liked 'Star Trek' more than 'Angels & Demons'. They left out a lot from the book. Oh well. 

Um, I made a new friend. Her name is Chloe. She writes fanfics and original stories. I asked her if she'd write an original story for me if I have her the characters and plot idea because I can't do it justice and I know she can. She said yes. :D


EOCs Are Killing Me

I have three End Of Course exams to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. Boilogy, English and Theatre. I have to go study mt Biology notes in a few minutes. Well, more like I have to write them. Chapters 34 to 39. I've been slacking a bit. Then I need to ork on my English packet that's due on Friday. It was supposed to be due tomorrow, but because Mrs. Hamilton was late this morning and missed the first half of class, she pushed it back for our class. We had to sit through Mr. LaBua talk about what next year is going to be like. He's the tenth grade AP English teacher.

Melanie and I totally goofed off in Tennis. We sang and dancd around and offered people coconuts.

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts
Deedlee dee
There they are standing in a row
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
(Here we turned to Brooks and said)
And you've got a very big head, sir."

So much fun, lol.

We're having our tennis banquet on the twenty third. I'm taking Brittney and Angel. My two best friends.

In biology, Diana drew Brittney and I as men, then as PlayBoy Bunnies. lmao.

'Cause it's my favorite lyric right now, I leave you with this.


Mondays Need To Go Fall Off A Cliff

It wasn't really a bad day, just that I was irrationally annoyed with everything and everyone. Then I come home and get in a huge fight with my mom. After I had called her and asked if I could stay after school to help Brittney film the football team practicing. Shesadi no, and stared jumping down my throat about it. Bitch.

I have Biology notes that are due tomorrow. Eh, I'll copy off of Gloria and Brittney. I don't feel like reading a textbook right now. I've got a killer headache.

On a good note, I might go see X-Men Origins again next weekend, this time with Brooks and maybe Melanie. Yay! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. :)

Lol, remember that essay I had to write for English? The persuasive one? Well, since I was absent on the two days it was due, I now have until Wednesday to turn it in. We had TAKS last week, so no normal classes.

In Theatre, we're watching Real Woman Have Curves. I like it so far. Though Ana's mom reminds me of my own a little.

They cancelled our field trips and all other off campus activities 'cause of the swine flu. Totally ridiculous, but whatever. <_< So, instead of going o see the play of Romeo And Juliet tomorrow, on the 14th Mrs. Hamilton is getting us a room so we can watch the movie and eat pizza and play games related to the movie. Cheesey, bu hey, gets me out of class. XD


X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Yes, it totally deserves capslock. ;)


I just got up from a three hour nap. Was nice, but I woke up and I was all "What the fuck?" 'cause I didn't remember falling asleep. I wanted a nap, but not that long of one. :)

Went to school for two and half hours today. Got out at 9:45 AM. Wish we could do that everyday. It was because the sophmores are taking the TAKS. Ours is Math on Thursday. We get to leave earlier tomorrow, take the test Thursday and leave when we're done, then we don't go to school at all on Friday.

Megan rode the bus home with me and we got off at her stop instead of my own, so I called my mom and told her and she said that I had to walk to my stop anyway to get my dad 'cause he went there to pick me up. He also dropped me off this morning. Then he took me and Megan to Whatabuger and we brought it back here to eat. Then I walked her back home. 

I was in advisory all morning at school,so Caleb and I were making fun of Brittney for being the slut that she is. We also colored in a Disney coloring book 'cause we didn't want to do the math we were supposed to be doing. What? The sudoku was all hard and the teacher made the graphing Bingo game so much harder than it should have been. Lol.

That's about all I have done today.


Unhappy Matchmaker

What do you do when one of your best friends tells you she likes the same guy you do? You set them up, of course. At least, I did because I found out that he likes her too. So, they're dating now. Yay. Note the sarcasm there.

I've been in a pissy mood all day and I really don't know why.  Eh, whatever. At least, I won't have to deal with them very long at school. I only have to be there until 9:45 with my advisory to get some math tutoring before the TAKS on Thursday.

I was texting them both ealier and Megan told me that Brooks had asked her out and she said yes, and I was all "Great." Brooks texted me the same thing and I told him "Ok. Good for you two." He was all "U don't have to be so sarcastic about it." My reply? "..." Dots. He didn't text back. Megan said "U don't seem very happy." I told her "When am I ever happy?" She's all "Hahaha lol. True." I didn't text back.

I called Angel and talked to her about it. The only thing that really hurt me about this whole thing was I asked Brooks why he wouldn't date me, and he said because he "just saw me as a buddy, not my lover". But he'll date Megan who's just as much his "buddy" as I am? What the fuck? Angel thought that was wrong and offered to beat his ass for me. I said no. Her and Brooks don't really get along.

I'll talk to Brittney about it tomorrow and  see what she has to say in this. That'll piss Megan off, but I don't care. It's getting harder to pretend to care about the trival things my friends do these days. I don't know if it's me or them, but I'm at the point where I can't put that facade up any more. Maybe I should just let it down and show everyone the real me. See how many friends I have left after that.

I know I'll at least have Angel, Gloria, Brittney, Alvin, Samuel, Craig, and Diana to some point. And Melanie and Shelby. They've proved they'll still be friends with me if Brooks isn't. 

Alright, enough of the ranting. My head hurts. I'm going go now, before get even more pissed off. 



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